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Do you know Ruth Wakefield?

Ruth Wakefield

Write: Margarita Llamas.

We all know the delicious chocolate chip cookies called cookies. Delicious! But do you know its inventor? It was Ruth Wakefield.

He was born in 1903 in East Walpole, Massachusetts. He graduated in Framingham State University At age 20 and at 30 she set up an inn together with her husband, Kenneth donald, in an old post house. It was called The Toll House Inn.

In the first months it only had 12 employees. Three years later there were 50 people behind her in a modest empire. It had several premises added to the original. In 1938 more than 100 workers served about a thousand meals a day.

She was cooking and one day she had no cocoa powder to mix with the cookie dough to give it that brown color. What could I do? With a tablet chocolate chipped and invented these delicious cookies that he sold for years, the Toll House Crunch Cookies, mentioned in local newspapers and well known. This is just a hypothesis.

Was it an accident or did he do it on purpose? On this there are many theories that she herself defended.

“We had been serving a thin walnut cookie with ice cream. It seemed like everyone loved it, but I was trying to give them something different. So I came up with the cookie "

The original recipe in a Nestlé wrapper.

The mothers sent them to the soldiers and they spread and got to know them. They were sold in local stores. Nestlé found out and wanted to buy this very original formula.

Ruth Wakefield ceded her creation to Nestlé

But how much would it cost? Ruth Wakefield He could have withdrawn, but it was not like that. She only asked for one dollar, that her original recipe and her name appear on the production boxes of cookies de Nestlé and chocolate Nestlé free until the end of his days. He passed away in 1977.

The first cookie packages had this image

En The New Yorker it is explained that possibly Ruth Wakefield she worked as an expert for the company for years. Given his culinary gifts and academic knowledge of gastronomy, he would not surprise anyone.

An enterprising and generous woman who also wrote a 'best-selling' cookbook: Toll House Tried and True Recipes.

Logo and name Toll house were part of the chocolate chip packages Nestlé with the formula on the back.

The company continues to honor its end of the bargain. The heirs of Ruth Wakefield they continue to live off the fortune their ancestors made. Rumor has it that the restaurant Wakefield he received free chocolate for the rest of his life.

If we followed his innovative recipes, what would you enrich a cookie dough with today? Try this example from the video that we present below.