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How to preserve strawberries? The infallible tricks!

Starting in March, greengrocers in supermarkets begin to be dyed deep red. The culprits? Strawberries. And it is in spring when this fruit, one of the most anticipated of the year, offers its best version. The strawberry season lasts until approximately July, allowing us to enjoy this tasty product for several months. However, there is a negative point to highlight about this fruit, and that is that it must be consumed early because it does not last too long at home. That is why we are going to tell you how to preserve strawberries so that you can take better advantage of its properties without spoiling soon. 

Strawberries and strawberries, demanded in greengrocers

It happens with the most perishable products that you can find for really low prices - which is what happens with strawberries - due to the short shelf life they have. And, of course, that, coupled with the fact that this fruit attracts attention just by seeing it and by the sweet smell it emits -as we have said before-, makes it inevitable that we acquire a box or basket. If we live alone at home or our relatives do not like these fruits ... we must consume them as soon as possible, or they will be wasted. 

how to preserve strawberries
There are several tricks on how to preserve strawberries

Tips on how to preserve strawberries

To prevent strawberries from spoiling too quickly, there are some very simple tricks that you may not know. The first thing you should do as soon as you get home is examine the condition of each strawberry; If you separate those that are in worse condition from those that are entirely well, you prevent the latter from being damaged. What you can do so that those that were already a little touched do not get worse is consume them first; either directly or as part of a recipe. Perhaps something you should do is, before putting them in the fridge, wash them; that's something important, yeah, but just before consuming them -for which, in addition, it is not necessary to cut the leaves-.

With regards to conservation of the fruit as such, it should be mentioned that one of the essential requirements for them to be well maintained is that they must be in a container that allows free circulation of air. That is, they must be covered, but not completely closed. On many occasions, when we buy them, come packed in perforated wooden or plastic trays; there is why. If you don't have this type of packaging, you can simply use a normal tray covered by a layer of plastic wrap with holes.

In addition, another trick so that they do not remain soft is do not place them piled up; that is, put a single layer of strawberries. If they do not all fit in a container, it is preferable to store them in different trays than to pile them up.

how to preserve strawberries
In the fridge or freezer, are some ideas on how to preserve strawberries

As with most fruits, the strawberries must be kept in the fridge. Of course, it is recommended, when you go to consume them, take them out of the refrigerator approximately an hour before -only those that you know you are going to eat-. Why? So you can enjoy the fruit with all its flavor. Another way that they keep quite well for more days in the fridge es accompanying them with some maceration. Who hasn't eaten a bowl of sugary strawberries, saving that sweet, fruity juice for last? Well, that way - or others, such as combining strawberries with milk - they also hold up more. 

A common point that several fruits have, among which is the strawberry, is that they are can be frozen for later consumption -either whole or chopped-. If you have bought more and know for sure that you will not consume all in the next few days, perhaps this is a good idea.

The shelf life of strawberries

All that said, strawberries can last a few seven days in the fridge if they are whole and about three if they are cut. After knowing some ideas for an optimal conservation of this popular fruit, it is important to know that the useful life strawberry it will also depend on when they were collected -as well as how they have been stored-. Knowing how we can ensure that the strawberries do not spoil before we have time to enjoy them.

It is time for you to go to the fruit store nearest and find out if you can already buy this red seasonal product. What are you waiting for? After, you know how to preserve strawberries.