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Belgian chocolate, the best in the world

Everybody likes a good dessert when the meal comes to an end. A little sweet doesn't hurt anyone. And, less if it is of an exquisite quality. As is the case with the product that we are going to present you today, the Belgian chocolate. An incredible product with characteristics that make everyone's mouth water. Do you want to know his the origin and its varieties? Not only does it have a flavor worthy of admiration, it will also surprise you by everything that surrounds it. Include in your life the most pure!

Origin of Belgian chocolate

Oddly enough, the Belgian chocolate has its origin hundreds of years ago. Specifically, its story begins in the 1635, according to different sources. It was on this date that the Abbot of the Baudelio abbey, in Ghent, he bought the first chocolates. Starting, in this way, with the commercialization of this delicious delicacy. It should be noted that, before this event, the product was only used by apothecaries to prepare tonics.

Years later, in 1840, the manufacturer of Belgian Berwaerts chocolate started selling the first tablets. As well as pills and figurines made with the same product. In addition, during this time, some of the chocolate factories best known today. Like, for example, Neauhaus, Côte d'Or, Jacques and Callebaut. Thanks to this long history and its characteristics, the Belgian chocolate has obtained excellent reputation.

Belgian chocolates
Belgian chocolate. Source: hola.com (pinterest.com)

How should a Belgian chocolate be?

When you hear the word chocolate, the first (or second) country you associate it with is Belgium. And it is that, both have been linked for a long time, as we have already mentioned. In fact, it has become something essential within its own gastronomy. First of all, how hot drink, popular with the upper classes, and later used to sweeten medications.

All of this led in the XNUMXth century to the creation of the boxes of chocolates. Together with chocolate cream or praline. But, chocolate must meet certain requirements to be considered Belgian. In fact, to obtain such a qualification you need at least one 35% cocoa. And the 100% cocoa butter.


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The best known varieties

El Belgian chocolate it has various forms in which it can be presented. These are some of them. On the one hand, pralines, which are the most popular desserts in Belgium. In short, they are chocolates stuffed with ganache creamy chocolate. Both its form and its content may vary. You can even see them with nuts, candy, liquor or marzipan. If you are not convinced, although it would be rare, you could choose the Beggar. Which are small chocolate discs topped with dried fruit and dried fruit. Very typical on Christmas dates.

Although, in reality, the second jewel in the crown is the gayettes. These are small charcoal truffles. Plus, they have a heart of buttercream and milk chocolate. All this covered in chocolate and sugar flavored with coffee. You should know that this dessert is linked to mining past from the Charleroi region. And finally, you can put the known ones in your mouth chocolate figures. Like for example rabbits or Easter eggs.

Belgian chocolate
Pralines. Source: pizzaencasahornosespeciales.blogspot.com (pinterest.com)

Some curiosities

Now that you know all the varieties and origin of Belgian chocolate, here are some curiosities. For example, it is best to store chocolate in a dark and dry place. With a temperature of around 8 degrees. Therefore, it is better that you do not keep it in the fridge. In addition, this delicacy contains a protein called tryptophan. With which, your body produces Serotonin, which helps you have a better mood. Or, at least, it improves it.

On the other hand, a recent investigation has revealed that 1 in 3 Belgians they hide some chocolate. Everything so you don't have to share it. Looking back, the Maya they used cocoa beans as a bargaining chip for food or clothing. And, also for aztecs it was a widely used means of payment. As a final and pulling towards Spanish territory, Christopher Columbus was the first european who discovered cocoa.

Have you had a chance to try the Belgian chocolate ever? If you have, you have already been able to verify that it is a delicious product. Otherwise, go ahead and try this special dessert. You have a choice and in what form to put it in your mouth.