Chill it or how to chill beers in record time

Chill it can change your summers forever. This curious device is capable of bringing down a beer from the twenty five degrees three in just half a minute! On top of that, it consumes seventy percent less than a traditional fridge. Discover the secrets of an invention that can change the paradigm of the world of beers and soft drinks. What fault did these young people find in the beer market? Argentines?

Does Chill it really chill a beer in thirty seconds?

We already covered the subject in the article on how to chill a beer. Without a doubt, it is fascinating that a device can cool this drink so quickly. As if that were not enough, it does so by saving a very significant amount of energy compared to a refrigerator. It is curious to think that the idea came from two Argentine students from a business School. They analyzed different sectors and found flaws in the beer industry.

Chill it device

Chill it device / Source: @ NacionalRock937 on Twitter

They realized that in hot countries a lot of sales are lost due to bad refrigeration. Drinks are heated in places of Latin America like Venezuela, Argentina and Ecuador; Besides African countries. Therefore, they set out to find a cheap and efficient way to cool liquids. However, they lacked the technical part.

The technical wing

After a search for two years full of vicissitudes they found those who could make it come true. They found two electronic engineers who managed to carry it out. The process was complicated but they were lucky enough to have two wealthy patrons. Finally they built an invention designed to cool any drink in a ridiculous time.

Despite all the effort, nowadays the machine is not marketed. Its creators are licensing the prototype technology. They also try to move it forward. At the moment they estimate that the cost of a machine may be the equivalent of a large refrigerator with glass door. They also consider selling to individuals, in addition to business. They receive many requests from people interested in having them on their. That is why they have already contacted different European appliance manufacturers.

Not just for beer

It is true that the public associates the machine with beer. However, Santiago Schmitt (one of its creators) affirms that it is valid for any drink. Juices, water, soft drinks ... in cans or bottles. The latter can be both plastic and glass. In fact, it highlights the potential with glass ones. In Argentina beer comes in bottles returnable very thick. That is why the buyer requires a long time to cool them at home.

cool a beer in a bowl

Chilling a beer in a bowl / Source: Pixabay

This was the germ of the idea. They also realized that in many countries the consumption of cans. This was the reason why they incorporated new drink formats to their invention. The idea was to make it versatile.

Differences with competitors

Chill it takes a one-liter glass bottle to drop to three degrees between seventy and ninety seconds. Competitors, for their part, do so in a time slot between the eight and ten minutes. The exact figure depends on the container to be cooled and the temperature you want to reach. We should also mention the ability to Chill it of chilling one drink after another. The rest of refrigerators The competition has limitations in this regard, according to Schmitt.

Chill it machine with many cans on various shelves

Chill it machine with many cans on various shelves / Source: @

One of the main characteristics that stand out this machine with respect to other brands is the commitment to sustainability. We talked about chilling the same amount of beer requires a seventy percent less energy en Chill it. Its creators want to continue on this path when embarking on new projects.

How does Chill it work?

A halo of mystery surrounds this invention. Lawyers do not let their creators speak on this issue. They can say is that building this device is no small feat. They handle very small parts and the slightest alteration can result in a useless product. The only major disclosure they have made is that it does not require no chemical to achieve the temperature drop. Electricity is enough for them. And you? How much would you pay to cool whatever drinks you want from XNUMX to XNUMX degrees in half a minute?



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