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Budweiser beer: why is it so hard to make?

In 1876, a beer ready to change the roles of the previous fashionable drinks: the budweiser beer. And not only that, but it was conceived with the idea of ​​being the best. For this they used the best ingredients and the best preparation techniques. Pay attention that we tell you.

Why did Budweiser beer come about?

They will almost be fulfilled 150 years since the birth of Budweiser beer. emerged as alternative to beers that were carried and liked by the society of the mid-1800s. At this time, Americans opted for robust, dark and, at most, some smoother versions of the lager style. It is before this Adolphus Busch decided to bring a new option to the market for those who prefer another flavor. “Busch showed Americans the taste of beer bohemian lager”. This is how the brand is presented in its website.

“Adolphus Busch believed that there are 3 ways to do things: the wrong way, the right way, and the best way. And when it came to brewing Budweiser, he did it the best.”. Thus:

  • Choose the best malt among 2.500 varieties
  • The water collects it from the most pure and clean springs
  • They are chosen best hopss found in more than 1.600 German and American crops
  • Its yeast is the key to the flavor of Budweiser beer.
budweiser beer
Budweiser beer cans /source: instagram user @carniceriaypolleriasuraike

In addition, this beer is made through the longest and most expensive process in the world. That is, with double fermentation. “30 days is how long it takes to get a balanced beer, with aromas of honey and citrus, golden color and fresh taste like the first day”. Secure the brand.

The Years Budweiser Has Spent Being Many People's Favorite Beer they say it all. From the United States it has been placed on the shelves of all supermarkets, internationally. Including those from Spain. And you? You've tried?