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Carolina Reaper: the hottest chili

Let's talk about Carolina reaper, the most monstrous chili. Its small size is no indication of what it can do. Perhaps its stinger form is. We refer to a food that is only surpassed in the itch scale by pepper spray. But where did she come from? Read on if you want to discover the secrets of this monstrosity made unique for the brave.

Where are you from?

This is the hottest chili in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records. He got this honor in the year 2013 and so far no other has unseated it. He tried the so-called "dragon breath" in 2017 but did not get validation. That is why we are writing today about the "Carolina reaper." The translation is not for less, since 2.200.000 Scovilles. If it doesn't sound familiar to you, we clarify that this word is the name of the scientist who created the itching scale.

Well, he Tabasco is among the 30.000 and 50.000! Where did this monstrous pepper come from? Well, the truth is that it has never been found in nature. It is the fruit of the cross between the Habañero pepper y Nara Bhut Jolokia (Indian species). The only objective after the crossing was to create a chili with the highest possible level of capsaicin (responsible for the itching). So Ed Currie created the Carolina Reaper. His agricultural innovation venture in the chili sector created the world's hottest.

caroline reaper
Copies of Carolina Reaper/ Source: @DonVocero on Twitter

How to eat Carolina Reaper

Describing the sensation of eating it is not easy. It is not that they have it everywhere since only the brave can eat it. However, you can purchase the seeds of the kind by Amazon. You can also opt for a pepper-based sauce, only it will have a small proportion. Despite this it will make your mouth burn like the hell. If you decide to buy the chili to cook something with it, you must take into account some considerations.

Despite its little size (between three and eight centimeters), its manipulation can play tricks on you. It is advisable to take it with gloves as it could irritate sensitive areas like your eyes by scratching them if you don't. We even recommend you directly buy a salsa, since it is convenient to avoid that the chili touches the hottest points of the food. This same sauce should be added with the same care that you add the salt (if you have it). A tiny amount is enough.

To finish, we would like to mention some nutritional benefits of the Carolina Reaper. The first is that it produces heat, unlike alcohol It doesn't really heat anything. This fact accelerates the metabolism and therefore helps burn fat. It also has antioxidant properties that prevent problems of Joints. It can even help prevent cancer and Alzheimer. This last take it with tweezers since the studies are not conclusive. In any case, we recommend you to be brave and take the step of trying it. Would you do it?