Alfalfa sprouts, healthy and versatile

Sometimes included in the list of superfoods are alfalfa sprouts. They are really interesting to complete our diet. It is also a different and fantastic ingredient for our recipes. They provide a healthy and unique touch. We will quickly and precisely know what they provide us with and how to use alfalfa sprouts in the kitchen.

What are alfalfa sprouts?

From the germination of the rich and nutritious alfalfa seeds we get the appetizing outbreaks of this plant. After germination, the nutrients of these shoots are very similar to those that the seed keeps. Alfalfa is a grassy herb that has been used for centuries for consumption by livestock, usually in the form of hay. In our case we use the appetizing and tender shoots.

Alfalfa sprouts .Photo: Pixabay

Alfalfa sprouts .Photo: Pixabay

The properties of alfalfa sprouts

they contribute Vitamin K an interesting vitamin for blood clotting and calcium transport. So it is interesting for convalescent people who need to improve their calcium intake. It is also rich in Vitamin C, perfect for fighting colds. As for vitamins, add that it has a high contribution of vitamin D,  linked to the assimilation of calcium and phosphorus.

In addition to vitamins, two great properties of the alfafa sprouts, on the one hand, its high level of phytoestrogens. Without reaching the levels of soy, its contribution is high and very interesting at the time of menopause and in estrogen deficiency. It is important to note that it is better to reduce consumption at the time of pregnancy or in hormonal treatments.

egg with alfalfa

Egg with alfalfa / Source: Pixabay

On the other hand, another great benefit is its high iron level that can help in anemia processes and all people with a tendency to it. Also its fiber level is somewhat satiating and can be a good ingredient in weight loss diets.

Where to use them in our diet

Alfalfa sprouts can be great accompaniments to many dishes. Perfect to accompany meat y Fish grilled. They are also delicious included in tuna sandwiches or burgers for instance. They are a perfect complement to add to pasta dishes, omelets or pizzas and of course in all kinds of salads. You can add a little on top of gazpachos and salmorejos, in sautéed rice, vegetables or simply to brighten up a hard-boiled egg.

Anyway .. it is a very versatile in the kitchen, fun, easy to keep in the fridge and very appetizing and healthy.

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