July 2021

El planet evoluciona, cambia. Y, al mismo tiempo, también lo hace la forma de entender nuestro papel en él. Esto último es algo evidente en diferentes ámbitos de la vida. No solo particulares, sino que cada vez más empresas -de todos los sectores-, se están sumando a diversas iniciativas para cuidar un poco más del planeta. Sin embargo, si hay algo que de igual manera es visible, es que todavía queda un largo camino por recorrer. Debemos amortiguar el impacto del desperdicio de alimentos.

You've been in Galicia and you haven't eaten Santiago's cake? If the answer is affirmative, it is that you have not been to Galicia. There is no dessert as Galician as this one. Popularized through millions of pilgrims that they take to their lands, their popularity has not stopped growing. Next you will discover its curious origins. How it went from being a luxury delicacy to a tourist attraction. What does a inquisitor general with this story? Let's dive into the exciting world of Galician pastry.

The imminent arrival of August means that the summer continues to advance. This, like everything, has its good part and its not so good part. This, gastronomically speaking, implies that some other product loses Protagonism; but also that others become important. It is the case of blackberries, which in addition to being rich in flavor are also rich in properties. Do you want to discover what are the benefits of blackberries? Let's see it!

Surely you are one of those people who, when you have a good meal in a restaurant, take a look at the paper first. And, especially to desserts. Well, they are the final and indispensable part of a great summer celebration. So, surely you have already managed to taste a good rice pudding. In fact, many consider this dish to be the king of the menus of the day. Highlighting among all its characteristics the aroma, flavor and texture. Do you want to know what your the source and some forms of work it out?

Everyone should put a pinch of sweet in their life. Adding a tasty touch from time to time never hurts. And, if it can be a product of national origin, better than better. Therefore, what is sweeter than that well-known food made by bees? Indeed, nothing. Therefore, today you will have the opportunity to know the buzzing honey. Which has been recognized in the international honey contest From london. In other words, it is another of the great Spanish products with great international prestige. You want to know more?