September 2020

It is one of the products with infinite uses in the kitchen and each September 30 its day is celebrated worldwide. At this time, the harvest of its variety Fino, we review everything that the european lemon in gastronomy, thanks to its properties, unique flavor and even the possibility of making the most of it. Because from this citrus fruit, even the leaf of the tree from which it is born is used. In addition, a few drops of its juice always give dishes a distinctive touch, worth recognizing. Therefore, from AILIMPO they wanted to promote this star food of the Mediterranean diet in the campaign Lemon Age Cook & Drink. We will tell you more below!

La salt without microplastics would be ideal. Surely you think that the salt you consume is clean. Unfortunately, a recent study estimates that 90 % of the salt we consume is contaminated. You probably already swallowed these particles today while eating. We must find alternatives to these contaminated food while we clean the seas. Of the Conca is a clear example of a brand concerned about this issue that offers answers. Do you want to know why their salt is so special? Here we explain it to you below.

Spain and Portugal have millions of defenders of the Iberian pig, of a genuine breed linked to the peninsula. In reality, almost every one of its inhabitants could fulfill that statement. With the patrimonial pride that represents having an ancient animal, little evolved. An animal that gives us a unique product of excellent quality, which is part of the healthy Mediterranean diet and which forces us to become its strongest ambassadors and supporters. But are we really protecting it?

It is a bet for the future but it is already appearing on the market. The 3D food printing wants to position itself as a very different alternative to preparing traditional meals. There is no greater current exponent of technological implementation in the gastronomy than a printer capable of achieving unbeatable foods otherwise. And in the context of this innovation growing company highlights Natural Machines with its Foodini, the first kitchen appliance with this capacity. It has recently established an agreement with another Spanish company to start selling ingredients and products designed with that machine. Here we tell you more!

La Valencian paella in can Amparín has broken the schemes. With it we can savor the traditional dish of Valencia in record time of 18 minutes! The unthinkable becomes possible thanks to two visionaries who chased after the taste of the typical homemade Sunday dish. Do you want to know how this food that is added to the list of others delicatessens Spanish canned? Is its quality really that good to enjoy the most popular rice in Spain in this format? Here we analyze everything.

La Cartagena gastronomy hides delicacies that everyone should enjoy. The asian coffee is one of them, which constitutes a culinary symbol in the municipality of Cartagena (Murcia). It was originally a combination of coffee, condensed milk, and brandy. But the recipe has evolved, incorporating small details that make this drink incomparable. Everything is important here, even the glass. You want to know more? 

Although they can also be salted for their different uses in the kitchen when combined with one or other ingredients, the Castilleja de la Cuesta oil cakes They are typical Sevillian sweets. Its popularity has spread to other Andalusian regions and even in all of Spaina can be purchased thanks to supermarkets such as Mercadona. However, the receta original, with enormous tradition, was born in the aforementioned town in the region of Aljarafe and to this day, the most prestigious brand products for this food continue to be those of Ines Rosales. They are the only ones that have the Guaranteed Traditional Specialty seal (ETG). We tell you more here!

Tricube It is one of those desserts that do not leave you indifferent. Its attractive but easy design it earned him the award Ecotrophelia 2020. In addition, it is the result of the contrast of textures, flavors y colors. It has all the ingredients to succeed in the world of catering. It also stands out for being a concept sustainable financing model throughout its elaboration. Do you want to know the dessert that can mark a paradigm shift? The creators explain their success to us.

La Peruvian gastronomy It has always provided us with interesting gastronomic proposals. For a few years now, it has already reached almost every corner of the world. A very rich and diverse cuisine like the country. Peru it has been able to integrate a multitude of cultures and with it products from many parts of the planet. Thus, the chifa food is one of the most interesting since it has a own identity and that every time it seduces more lovers of good food. Here we tell you how it is and what its most typical dishes are.

Located in Bullas (Murcia), the humble family business Escámez sausages you are savoring success. Its flagship product -the Serrano ham- has recently been chosen as the best, nationally, above other great prestigious Spanish hams. With proud managers and workers but also very grateful for this recognition, discovering the company from the inside is knowing a magnificent example of constancy, evolution and fidelity. For making quality hams, for getting their flavor sea authentic and for always keeping the essence more traditional. Several aspects of their own differentiate their products. Adapted to the new times, they continue to expand their firm throughout Spain. We have been able to speak with them to find out much more.